SAFN Award Winner Interviews

SAFN recently announced the 2020 winners of our student awards. The undergraduate Christine Wilson paper award went to Adele Woodmansee, for her paper ‘It is Pure Criollo Maize’: Seeds, Chemicals, and Crop Classifications in San Miguel del Valle.” The graduate Christine Wilson award went to Terese Gagnon, for her essay, “’There are No Seeds Here’: Severing Seed and Political Sovereignty in Mae La Camp.” Gifty Dzorka received the Thomas Marchione Food-as-a-Human-Right Student Award for her research project “Corporate Agricultural Production, Smallholder Farming and the Sustainability of Food Systems in Ghana.” Finally, Ellen Platts won the inaugural SAFN Student Research Award to support her research on sustainability and food heritage activism in Tucson, AZ. Click on their names to read more about their projects and about how each was evaluated. Click here to find out more about how to apply for the awards in 2021!

But wait! There’s more. SAFN Board members and award committee leaders Amanda Green and Ryan Adams recorded interviews with all four of our 2020 award winners. We have posted them below. Each of the winners provides some insight into what motivated them in their research and writing and on the trajectory that brought them to anthropology. We also learn a little about what they hope to do with anthropology, food, and their work in the future. Inspiring thinkers!

Interview with Adele Woodmansee, undergraduate Christine Wilson Award winner.
Interview with Terese Gagnon, graduate Christine Wilson Award winner.
Interview with Gifty Dzorka, winner of the Thomas Marchione Award.
Interview with Ellen Platts, winner of the SAFN Student Research Award.

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