About SAFN


The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN), formerly known as the Council on Nutritional Anthropology (CNA), was organized in 1974 in response to the increased interest in the interface between social sciences and human nutrition. SAFN has the following objectives:

  • To encourage research and exchange of ideas, theories, methods and scientific information relevant to understanding the socio-cultural, behavioral and political-economic factors related to food and nutrition;
  • To provide a forum for communication and interaction among scientists sharing these interests and with other appropriate organizations;
  • To promote practical collaboration among social and nutritional scientists at the fields and program levels.

Current Officers

David Beriss
University of New Orleans
Anthropology and Sociology

Rachel E. Black
Past President
Connecticut College

Rachel E. Black (interim)
SAFN Treasurer
Connecticut College


David Sutton, Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, dsutton@siu.edu

Meetings and Program

Amanda Green, Environmental Studies, Davidson College, amagreen@gmail.com

Ryan Adams, Sociology and Anthropology, Lycoming College, adamsr@lycoming.edu

Jennifer Jo Thompson, Crop and Soil Sciences, University of Georgia, jjthomp@uga.edu

FoodAnthro Web site editors
Amy B. Trubek, Nutrition and Food Science Department, University of Vermont, atrubek@uvm.edu

Abigail Adams, Anthropology, Central Connecticut State University, adams@ccsu.edu

Interim Student Representative
Kelly Alexander, University, kellyalexander9@hotmail.com

2004 Name Change

To more fully engage the spectrum of theoretical and methodological perspectives of individuals AAA-wide, at the 2003 meetings a motion was made by the then CNA Executive Board to put a name change to a vote by its membership during the spring 2004 AAA Elections. The ballot question was passed and changed the organization’s name from ‘Council on Nutritional Anthropology’ (CNA) to ‘Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition’ (SAFN).

Click here to see the SAFN by-laws

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