Food Studies Awards!

The Association for the Study of Food and Society proudly confers 5 awards for outstanding scholarship in the field of food within the social sciences, humanities and related disciplines:

•    The ASFS Book Award recognizes an outstanding book about food published within the last two years.
•    The Belasco Prize for Scholarly Excellence recognizes a peer-reviewed article published in the last two years, which exhibits superior research, a unique perspective and methodological approach as well as novel insights for the study of food.
•    The ASFS Award for Food Studies Pedagogy is given to the teacher of food studies in any discipline who presents a course that uses innovative and successful pedagogical techniques to reach students.
•    The Alex McIntosh Graduate Prize recognizes a student’s contributions to the fields of food studies.
•    The Bill Whit Undergraduate Prize recognizes a student’s contributions to the field of food studies.

In addition to the prestige, there are cash prizes for all of the winners.

The deadline for all award submissions is February 1, 2012.

For submission information, please visit:

If you have any questions about the awards or the submission process, please contact the awards coordinators:

Book, Article, Pedagogy: Beth Forrest

Student Papers: Riki Saltzman

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