Submit to SAFN’s column in Anthropology News!

“Throw us what you’ve got!” Photo by Ariana Gunderson.

Ariana Gunderson

Call for Pitches – SAFN’s Anthropology News Online Articles

As the new Section Editor for SAFN, I am writing to invite you to submit to SAFN’s online
column in Anthropology News! This is a chance to share your work with a broad and diverse
audience: AN has no paywall and garners around 25,000 unique page views each month. We’re
looking for compelling storytelling about the research and lives of our members: think a
magazine-style missive that transports readers and gives them something to think about,
without droning academic jargon. With a subject area as enticing as food, your research is sure
to be gobbled up by AN readers, and I’m here to help you share your work with the broad
audience seeking anthropological storytelling.

Pitch us your tall tales, heartbreaking narratives, pithy essays, alluring stories, or snippets from
your life in the field!

We welcome pitches for three types of submissions:

  • Story. A beautifully written 1600-word exploration of an engaging topic, with an image or two.
  • Photo Essay. 6-8 stunning, high-quality images that convey a narrative, and an introductory text of max. 750 words.
  • Interview: An anthropological conversation you think AN readers should listen in on, up to 1600 words.

We accept pitches on a rolling basis and publish at least four SAFN stories per year. Pitches
should take the form of a brief ‘abstract’ for the article: a few sentences describing the topic
and your planned treatment of it, that also give me a sense of your writing voice. If you have an
idea but aren’t quite at the pitch stage, contact me and I can help you develop your idea into a
pitch. With any queries, don’t hesitate to contact me at

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