SAFN AAA Networking!

This just in from the SAFN program committee. Please read the previous posting with the full call for panels and papers for the annual AAA/CASCA meeting in Toronto.

In order to facilitate organizing sessions, we have created a Google spreadsheet so that you can easily get in touch with each other. Organizers can fill in their suggested title and abstract, the number of missing participants, and contact information. Interested participants can share their contact information and a brief description of their paper.

We have also created suggested sessions that can serve as a template for this year’s AAA conference:

  • Are Alternative Food Movements Alternative? (To what degree are decolonizing movements, anticapitalist movements, food sovereignty, and ecologically-oriented movements susceptible to co-option by the conventional food system?) 
  • Questioning the Culinary Order (Why are so-called ethnic cuisines considered cheap and less sophisticated? How does this hierarchy contribute to the exploitation of communities of color?)
  • Everyday food practices in post-COVID world (How has COVID reshaped our cooking and eating practices? How has the emergence of these new practices required food systems to adapt?)
  • Decolonizing the Nutrition Transition (To what degree do traditional beliefs, scientific research, and policy influence the actual dietary practices of people trying to “eat healthy”?) 

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.

The 2023 SAFN AAA Program Committee

Christopher Laurent <>
Ryan Adams <>
Yingkun Hou <>
Ariana Gunderson <>

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