SAFN Awards, Impending Deadlines!

The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition has three awards for student writing and research. These awards will provide you with fame and glory…and money, to recognize your accomplishments or to support your work. The deadlines for all three this year is September 18, 2020, which is coming up in just a few weeks.

Are you a graduate student (MS, MA, PhD, or other) whose work focuses on food security, food justice and/or the right to food in international or domestic contexts? Whatever discipline you are in, whether you have already completed your work or are in the middle of an ongoing project, you should apply for the Thomas Marchione Food-As-A-Human-Right Student Award. Applying is simple and all the details are here.

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student who has done research in nutrition, food studies, and anthropology? Have you written a paper about that research? You should apply for the Christine Wilson Award! There are really two awards, one undergraduate and one graduate. If your work is anthropological (you don’t have to be in anthropology, but your research should use anthropological perspectives), apply! Details here.

Are you an MA/MS or PhD student whose work focuses on food and nutritional anthropology? Do you need support for your research? You should apply for our Student Research Award! The process is simple and you could get $800 to support your work. Details on this award are here.

Faculty! Please encourage your students to apply for these awards.

Remember, the deadline for all three awards is September 18, 2020.

Do not miss this opportunity!

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