Christine Wilson Award

DEADLINE June 15, 2023

The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN) is pleased to invite students to submit papers in competition for the Undergraduate Christine Wilson Award and the Graduate Christine Wilson Award presented to outstanding student research papers that examine topics within the perspectives in nutrition, food studies and anthropology.

Papers may report on research undertaken in whole or in part by the author. Co–authored work is acceptable, provided that submitting student is first author. Papers must have as their primary focus an anthropological approach to the study of food and/or nutrition and must present original, empirical research; literature reviews are not eligible. Papers that propose a new conceptual framework or outline novel research designs or methodological approaches are especially welcome. Papers can be submitted for publication at the time of their submission to the Wilson award, but they cannot be in the revision process or accepted for publication. Winners will be recognized and presented with an award at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association and receive a year’s membership in SAFN.

Applicants to both the undergraduate award and the graduate award must be currently enrolled or enrolled during in the past academic year. The text of papers should be no longer than 25 pages, double-spaced and follow AAA style guidelines. Winners of both the Undergraduate Christine Wilson Award and the Graduate Christine Wilson Award will receive $500 each.

Please delete identifying information and submit along with the CWA cover sheet.

Please submit both documents as an email attachment to: Dr. Ryan Adams,  SAFN Award Committee ( Include “Christine Wilson Award” in the subject line.

Recent Award Winners:


Christine Wilson Undergraduate Award: Mariel Camargo (Stanford University) Gangsta Gardening: Revitalizing Urban Futures through Guerilla Gardening in South Central Los Angeles

Christine Wilson Graduate Award: Ariana Gunderson (Indiana University) The collaborative creation of restaurant space on the streets of Covid-era San Francisco.


Christine Wilson Undergraduate Award: Carolyn Mason (George Mason University) Bigger Fish to Fry: Enslaved Foodways and Their Connection to the Health of Enslaved People and Their Descendants.

Christine Wilson Graduate Award: Noha Fikry (University of Toronto) Feeding Humans, Eating Animals, and Extending Kitchens: Rooftops as Spaces of Nurturance in Urban Egypt.


Christine Wilson Undergraduate Award: Adele Woodmansee (Harvard University) ’It is Pure Criollo Maize’: Seeds, Chemicals, and Crop Classifications in San Miguel del Valle.

Christine Wilson Graduate Award: Terese Gagnon (Syracuse University), ‘There are No Seeds Here’: Severing Seed and Political Sovereignty in Mae La Camp.


Christine Wilson Undergraduate Award: Mindy M. Proski (Oregon State University), Food Pantries and Social Capital: The Reciprocity of Community Can Help Fight Food Insecurity and Hunger.

Christine Wilson Graduate Award: Imogen Bevan (University of Edinburgh), A Proper Birthday Cake: An Ethnographic Study of Sugar and Family-Making in Ediburgh.


Christine Wilson Undergraduate Award: Jared Belsky (Hamilton College) and Mackenzie Nelsen (UNC Chapel Hill), Cultivating Activism Through Terroir: An Anthropology of Sustainable Wine Makers in Umbria, Italy.

Christine Wilson Graduate Award: Alyssa Paredes (Yale University), Follow the Yellow Brix Road: How the Japanese Market’s Taste for Sweetness Transformed the Philippine Highlands.


Christine Wilson Undergraduate Award: Kate Rhodes (Macalester College), Having a Steak in the Matter: Gender in the Buenos Aires Asado.

Christine Wilson Graduate Award: Sarah Howard (Goldsmiths College, University of London), Coffee and the State in Rural Ethiopia.


Christine Wilson Award Undergraduate Award: Cynthia Baur (Dickinson College), An Analysis of the Local Food Movement in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Christine Wilson Graduate Award: Imogen Bevan (University of Edinburgh), Care is Meat and Tatties, Not Curry.