Awards! Money! Food! 

I’m running a field school in Puerto Rico with a focus on ethnography and food sovereignty. Here I am raising my cup of morning coffee to all of you planning and submitting your award applications! We (The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition) are offering several awards and want to encourage you to apply! 

1&2) The first two awards are for student papers. Faculty, please share with your students! Students, submit your great papers from this year. We have one award for undergraduates and another for graduates. The Undergraduate Christine Wilson Award is $500 and the Graduate Christine Wilson Award is also $500. These are presented to outstanding student research papers that examine topics within the perspectives in nutrition, food studies and anthropology at our awards ceremony/business meeting at the AAA meeting.  

Due June 15, 2023. 

See details here:

3) Dr. Thomas Marchione conducted research on the topic of Food as a Human Right, and we offer this substantial award in his honor. The winning entry will win a cash prize of $750, a full year of membership in AAA, and a full year of membership in SAFN! 

The Thomas Marchione Food-as-a-Human-Right Student Award recognizes valuable research on topics including food security, food justice and/or the right to food in both international and domestic contexts. Any current graduate (MA, MS or PhD) student in any field of study who will have completed their coursework and research proposal by deadline for submission is eligible. 

Due June 15, 2023

See details here:

4) Research funding available! All Masters or PhD level students at an accredited college or university with a concentration in food and nutritional anthropology are eligible for The Student Research Award. The funding is intended to support the research phase of the project. This year we are particularly interested in decolonized, ethical research focused on food justice and food sovereignty. The winner will receive $800 to apply to research expenses! 

Due May 1, 2023 Extended to: September 15, 2023! 

See details here:


Ryan Adams

On behalf of the SAFN Awards Committee

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