Community Food Literacy

The Community Literacy Journal has just announced the publication of a special issue on “Community Food Literacies.” This journal is available electronically, through Project Muse, but if you have access to that database (and your subscription includes the journal), you can read the issue.

Here is the table of contents, with links to the articles (or the abstracts, if you do not have access to the journal via Project Muse):

•    Michael Pennell, Introduction to the Special Issue on Community Food Literacies
•    De aquí y de allá: Changing Perceptions of Literacy through Food Pedagogy, Asset-Based Narratives, and Hybrid Spaces” by Lucía Durá, Consuelo Salas, William Medina-Jerez, and Virginia Hill
•    “Mindful Persistence: Literacies for Taking up and Sustaining Fermented-Food Projects” by Christina Santana, Stacey Kuznetsov, Sheri Schmeckpeper, Linda Curry, Elenore Long, Lauren J. Davis, Heidi Koerner, and Kimberly Butterfield McQuarrie
•    Book & New Media Reviews, edited by Jessica Shumake

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