New Food Studies MS Program

We recently received the following announcement of a new Master of Science degree in Culinary Arts and Science from Professor Jonathan Deutsch at Drexel University, which may be of interest to FoodAnthropology readers. We welcome any announcements of degree programs, fellowships, grants, prizes, etc. Send them to

From Professor Deutsch:

On behalf of the faculty of the Department of Culinary Arts and Food Science at Drexel University, it is my pleasure to announce the launch of a new Master of Science degree in Culinary Arts and Science (MS CAS). In a nutshell, it is one part culinary arts, one part food science, and one part gastronomy/food systems. Taken together, the program not only engages students with the challenges and opportunities in our food system but provides the hands-on skills in the kitchen and the lab to arm students to address them as practitioner-scholars. The MS CAS joins existing programs in the department and center—BS in Culinary Arts and Science, Undergraduate Food Studies Minor, MS in Food Science and MS in Hospitality Management—and benefits from those established programs for career and research opportunities. Students can also benefit from extensive departmental partnerships including the Monell Chemical Senses Center, USDA’s Eastern Regional Research Center, Research Chefs Association, Drexel’s Center for Hunger Free Communities, Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships, Department of Nutrition Sciences, Center for Science & Technology Studies, our own Drexel Food Lab, and an extensive industry network.

We are currently recruiting students for Fall 2017, with prerequisite culinary and food science courses available as early as Fall 2016.

While I’ve been asked to announce the program, Asst. Prof. Dr. Jacob Lahne (, Program Director Rosemary Trout ( and Strategic Marketing Manager Jessica “Jimmy” Wilson ( have been champions of the program. Feel free to reach out to any of us.

Official information including application instructions can be found at: or email: for more information.

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