Gustolab Summer Internship

A note from Salem PaulosGustolab International Institute for Food Studies:

After last year’s successful internship program, Gustolab International Institute for Food Studies is pleased to launch the second edition of its summer internship program in Italy that is open to students (undergraduate and graduate), scholars and any other person that may be interested.

Why intern abroad at Gustolab International:

gain invaluable insight into the many aspects of agriculture, food business, food habits and policy issues in Italy.

have an excellent opportunity to work at a food-related site such as a farm, shop, research institute, nonprofit association, vineyard, cheese factory and cheese-producing farm, association for refugees, organization working on food recovery, hospitality and tourism field such as hotels, restaurants, cafés and food markets, and more.

live in Rome or in various other sites in Italy, and be immersed in the Italian culture (internship positions are offered in different parts of Italy)
Through the Gustolab International Internship, you will

have the support of an academic mentor who will follow your progress for the duration of the internship.

acquire knowledge about the organizational, cultural and social dynamics of organizations present in the food field in Italy.

get the opportunity to develop and complete a personal research project.

present your work to professionals and experts in the food field.

Gustolab International is committed to working closely with you to match you with the best possible internship based on your preferences and experience, and available positions at the time you apply. We will support you before, during and after the internship to fulfill your career and academic goals. Gustolab can work closely with your home university to help you to receive credits.

Summer Internships are available for the following periods:
From June 25 to July 16
From June 25 to July 23
From June 25 to July 30

Read more about the internship at

For applications or more information, please write to

Extended deadline to apply: May 15

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