CFP: Special Issue of Journal of Marketing Management

Note from the editor: The following CFP was noted with interest here at FoodAnthropology. It seems like there are probably a number of anthropologists whose research would be relevant to this special journal issue. The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2016. Got questions? Contact information is below. DB

CFP: Special Issue of Journal of Marketing Management

Food and drink markets are situated at the intersection of the global
and local, the economic and cultural, the political and passionate.
Examples such as Slow Food, CSA schemes, foraging, food swaps,
biodynamic production and Fair Trade certification call our attention
to deficiencies within current market practices, and potentialities
for future market relations. The pursuit of alternative market
formations and relations is intertwined with desires for authenticity
and identity in a global marketplace otherwise crowded with
homogeneous, standardized offerings and instrumental modes of
exchange. At the same time, the proliferation of alternatives is
linked to concerns about food‐related security and safety,
environmental degradation and social injustice.

Alternative food and drink markets offer fertile ground for exploring
questions concerning alternatives in markets and marketing, and bring
to the fore pressing issues for marketing theory and practice relating
to ethics, sustainability and social justice. However, specific
attention to alternative food networks has flourished largely outside
the marketing field. This special issue seeks to redress this gap.

What insights can be gained from examples from the fields of food and
drink with regard to the question of ‘alternatives’? Paper submissions
to the Special Issue must engage with the question of ‘alternatives’
within markets and marketing. This might involve (but is not limited
to) considerations of the representation, contestation, development,
critique, or mainstreaming of alternatives.

We welcome a variety of critical theoretical and methodological
approaches. Beyond sharing an empirical focus on alternative food or
drink markets, the papers may focus on marketing communications,
branding, new product development, retail environments, corporate
social responsibility, value co‐creation, customer service, marketing
as practice, or other facets of food/drink markets.

Relevant contributions include but are not limited to such topics as:

– How are alternative food/drink markets and market practices
represented through marketing communications?
– How are alternative food/drink markets performed by market actors?
– How is marketing understood and practiced within alternative
food/drink markets, and how does this compare with conventional
marketing practices?
– How is the relationship between ‘alternative’ and ‘mainstream’
food/drink markets articulated, negotiated and contested?
– What does a marketing as practice approach offer to the study of
alternative food/drink markets?

More details can be found at:

If you have any queries you can direct these to the guest editors:

– Jennifer Smith Maguire (, University of Leicester, UK
– David Watson (, University of Essex, UK
– John T. Lang (, Occidental College, USA

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