Traditions and Transformations: An Interdisciplinary Food Studies Conference

Saturday, April 20, 2013

California State University, Fullerton

Department of Liberal Studies

This conference examines the state of interdisciplinary food studies by focusing on the relationships between traditions and transformations of foodways and cuisines.

We are looking for papers that examine questions surrounding food traditions and traditional foodways such as:

Who decides on the authenticity of “traditional” food and foodways? (Home cooks? Cookbook authors? Chefs?)

How are food traditions constructed through cookbooks and culinary literature? How does culinary tourism fit in? Gastronomy?

How do particular foods become associated with nations or peoples?

What role might literature or art play in identifying or codifying food traditions?

Are traditional modes of food production and consumption sustainable? (environmentally, socially, politically)

We are also looking for papers that address questions surrounding transformations in foodways:

How have global food systems impacted local food traditions? (India’s new vegetarian McDonalds?)

Are new, globalized food traditions emerging? (cosmopolitan cuisine? KFC as a new global food tradition?)

How are new foods and foodways made available to global consumers? (magazines, food tourism, restaurants, ethnic markets)

Who has access to the food traditions of the world and who does not? (food politics, distribution)

Is a globalized food system sustainable? (environmentally, socially, politically)

One page abstracts for individual papers should be sent to April Bullock ( no later than December 15, 2012. Panel submissions are also welcome, please send the abstracts in one email along with contact information for each panelist. We will also be hosting food studies related events on April 18th and 19th, more information can be sent to anyone who is interested in attending.

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