Bite! Lecture Series at Ohio Wesleyan University


If you will be anywhere in the vicinity of Columbus, Ohio this fall, you may want to stop by Ohio Wesleyan University to attend one of the lectures in the annual Sagan National Colloquium. This year the series is Bite! Examining the Mutually Transformative Relationship Between People and Food” and, of course, it focuses on food.

The entire series is free and open to the public. It includes both scholars and advocates and features some of the more controversial (and passionate) advocates for rethinking food and culture in the U.S. today.The series has a web site ( and a Facebook page ( Updates are also available on Twitter, @bite2012owu.

The series kicked off a few weeks ago and archived video of the first two lectures is available online. Here is a list of upcoming lectures. Check the website for updates.

Monday, September 24 (Market 3-6pm, Bryant Terry starts at 7pm)

Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market – A Special Monday Edition

Sandusky Street at the “Jaywalk”
Bryant Terry, Author, Chef, Activist
Food Justice: At the Intersection of Food, Politics, Poverty, Public Health, and the Environment

Benes Rooms – Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Wednesday, September 26 (4 p.m.)
Dr. Sinan Koont, Associate Professor of Economics, Dickinson College
Cuba Embraces Agro-Ecology

Phillips Auditorium

Monday, October 1 (7 p.m.)

Dr. Anjali Bhatia, Department of Sociology, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Dehli
Constitution of Childhood and Youth in Fast Food Eating Out Culture: Global-Local Dynamics in India

Benes Rooms – Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Thursday, October 4 (7 p.m.)
Joel Salatin, Farmer, Author, Film Appearances in Food, Inc. and FRESH the movie.
“Folks, This Ain’t Normal”

Benes Rooms – Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Monday, October 8 (7 p.m.)

Kelly Klein, Researcher, Monsanto Company
A Look at Midwestern Commercial Farming and How Monsanto Company’s Seed Business Contributes to Agriculture
Benes Rooms – Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Wednesday, October 10 (7pm)

Jeni Britton Bauer (Owner and Founder, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams), Warren Taylor (Owner and Founder, Snowville Creamery), Michael Jones (Executive Director and Co-Founder of Local Matters), and Ben Sippel (Sippel Family Farm).
Moderated by Tricia Wheeler (Publisher and Editor -in-Chief, Edible Columbus Magazine).
Panel Discussion – Making Local Work in Ohio: Production, Promotion, and Entrepreneurship in the Local Food System
Benes Rooms – Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Tuesday, October 30 (4 p.m.)
Dr. Abram Kaplan, Artist & Associate Professor Environmental Studies, Denison University
Benes Rooms – Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Thursday, November 1 (7 p.m.)

Avesta Saaty, Chef

Kurdish Roots: The Role of Food in Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive When a Nation Has No Country to Call Its Own
Benes Rooms – Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Friday, November 2 (4 p.m.)

Ben Hewitt, Author, Small-Scale Farmer
The Future’s In the Dirt: Digging Into Regional Food Systems and Their Potential to Restore Economies, Communities, Environment, and Health

Phillips Auditorium

Tuesday, November 6 (3 p.m.)
Dr. Walter Willett, Fredrick John Stare Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition 
Chair, Department of Nutrition, Harvard University

Diet and Health: A Progress Report

Benes Rooms – Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Wednesday, November 14 (7 p.m.)
Dr. Fabio Parasecoli, Associate Professor, Coordinator Food Studies, The New School for Public Engagement, New York
Food, Film, and Cultural Citizenship

Benes Rooms – Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

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