CFP for EASA2018 in Stockholm: Moving on: Food Futures and Reimagining Uncertainty

Does your research look at food practices, food supply chains, local
cuisines or agriculture in a changing environment? Does your work draw
broadly on the themes of temporality and orientations toward the future –
practices of anticipation, anxieties, food security, planning or
uncertainty? If yes, you are warmly invited to submit an abstract to our
panel ‘Moving on: Food Futures and Reimagining Uncertainty’ (P033) and come
meet us in Stockholm at the EASA’s Biannual Conference ‘Staying, Moving,
Settling’ from 14 to 17 August 2018.— Moving on: Food Futures and Reimagining Uncertainty (P033), a panel of the EASA Anthropology of Food network
This panel addresses how food ‘moves on’ across time and space, borders and
bodies. From everyday practices to overarching value systems, we consider
foodways as human contemplations of the future: as sources of uncertainty,
as cushions against it and as speculations in search of opportunities.
By focusing on foodways in temporal mobilities, this panel hopes to ‘move
on’ and make food and future an anthropological theme in its own right. We
aim to showcase a variety of local and global ways in which futures are
imagined and uncertainties reimagined through food. We invite papers that
address staying, moving or settling of foods from field to table, fork and
bodies. This includes the role of food in economic crises; food anxieties,
food safety and (mis)trust; industrial food regimes in a changing climate
and degraded environment, global food commodity chains as subject of
financial speculation; value accumulation through food growing, ripening or
ageing; food in the technologies of planning such as policy-making and
agricultural development; alternative food movements; and aspirational

— Panel convenors —
Katharina Graf (SOAS, University of London)
Petra Matijevic (SOAS, University of London)
Mukta Das (SOAS University of London)
Camelia Dewan (Stockholm University)
— Discussant —
Nefissa Naguib (University of Oslo)

Please note that the call for papers closes on 9 April 2018. Please include

a paper title, name and email address, a short abstract of fewer than 300
characters and a long abstract of fewer than 250 words in your proposal.
All proposals must be submitted through the online application system by
using the link:


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