Call for Wild Artists

The Multispecies Salon 3: SWARM
New Orleans, November 2010

I saw this on a science and technology list serve, and thought that artistically inclined SAFN readers might find it interesting. The opening of the event/exhibit will be happening in New Orleans the week before the AAAs and conference goers are invited to be “embedded art critics.” Submissions should be sent to

“The Multispecies Salon 3 will use art to address a series of interrelated questions about nature: Which species flourish, and which fail, when natural and cultural worlds intermingle and collide? What happens when the bodies of organisms, and even entire ecosystems, are brought into schemes of biotechnology and dreams of biocapitalism? And finally, with particular relevance to New Orleans: In the aftermath of disaster–in a blasted landscape that has been transformed by multiple catastrophes–what are the possibilities of biocultural hope?”

From the link, steer yourself toward their theme for “Edible Companions.”

“Edible Companions will be on the table as artists, anthropologists, and significant others will come together to break bread in a series of multispecies meals. We will eat creatures that Donna Haraway calls companion species.  Companion comes from the Latin cum panis, with bread, Haraway writes.  Companion species include such organic beings as rice, bees, tulips, and intestinal flora, all of whom make life for humans what it isand vice versa. With paintings of People Paella gracing the walls, we will personify creatures that are not just good to think (as Lévi-Strauss had it), or more instrumentally, good to eat (as Marvin Harris countered), but also entities, and agents, that are good to live with (as Donna Haraway maintains).  We will serve locally wildcrafted mulberry and elderberry mead, edible insects, creatures from an invasive species garden, among other delectables.”

Posted by Emily Yates-Doerr

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