Food Fight

This is a very partial history of 20th century wars (starting with WWII) through food.  Quite astonishing, really, to see what you can do with animated food.  Or, rather, what Stefan Nadelman can do with animated food.  This is his film.  He is not an anthropologist and, honestly, this is not an ethnographic film.  We are posting it here because we think it is cool and we feel we have a license (as food anthropologists) to determine when food-related things on the web are cool.  This is also a public service.  You could use this in a class to provoke students into discussion.  Many of us are even now thinking of ways of working it in to whatever we are teaching.  If food can illustrate wars, what else can it do?  More on that soon.

Just in case you have trouble identifying some of the countries involved, there is a cheat sheet here.

Posted by David Beriss

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