The Ten Most Inspiring People in Sustainable Food

I just finished reading this post, “Eat-onomics: the ten most inspiring people in sustainable food”, and its got me thinking of who would be on my list of inspiring people. I also started to wonder what the list would look like if it were focused on concepts. If I can sum it up briefly, the central themes of this list were urban agriculture; creating connections between eaters and the people who produce their food; farmers who have broken from the industrial mould; and visionaries who are outspokenly contesting the political and economic status quo when it comes to food in the Western world.

First of all, what happened to the developing world on this list? What about the countless individuals who are working to help people face problems of drought, food shortages after political upheaval and natural disasters (to name just a face cases)? Although America and Europe face some serious food issues, we also need to think about sustainable food systems with a worldview—in the end, I hate to say it, we are all connected by global trade and politics.

I will take my hat off to any individual who raises awareness about food, nutrition and health. However, we are wise to focus on issues and concepts. Understanding how the world’s food systems are both unique and interconnected will take us further than lauding Jamie Oliver and Michael Pollan.

Who or what would be on your list?

Posted by Rachel Black

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