Got Food Studies Essays?

The semester is ending for many universities here in North America and students are furiously completing their final papers. There may be food-related research gold in those papers! Faculty! Students! If you are preparing an essay that might fit the criteria for the Christine Wilson or Thomas Marchione Awards, please consider sending them in. Fame and (modest) fortune can be yours. See below for a few details or follow the links above to find out how to apply.

The deadline for both awards is July 27, 2018.

Christine Wilson Awards

The Christine Wilson Awards will be presented to outstanding undergraduate and graduate student research papers that examine topics within the perspectives in nutrition, food studies and anthropology.

Details on qualifications for applicants and procedures are here. Winners will be recognized and presented with an award at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association and receive a year’s membership in SAFN.

Thomas Marchione Award

The Thomas Marchione Award is for research exploring “the best and more sustainable approaches to fulfill the right to food.” This annual award will be granted to a student whose work addresses food as a human right, including a focus on food justice, food security and access, food sovereignty and other areas where social justice and food intersect.

Students should apply, even if they have not fully completed their research, because work-in-progress, and proposed work will also be considered. The winner will be awarded a cash prize ($750) and a one -year membership to the AAA and SAFN. More details on who can apply and on how to apply are here.

Got questions on either award? Contact Dr. Ryan Adams (, Lycoming College.

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