A clarification and a comment from the editor

We are pleased to have a post from Kerri Lesh, the organizer of the AAA panel on terroir as an anthropological matter. Kerri is doing fascinating work on language, culture and terroir in the Basque region of Spain. Also, in my earlier post I should have attributed the point that terroir can be understood as “condensed sociocultural matter” to Anne Lally (University of Buffalo), also a member of our panel.

This week, we will also post the next contribution to Sarah Fouts’ monthly series on Latinx Foodways in North America. This series is moving south, and the next posting by Meghan Farley Webb will look at food insecurity with indigenous communities in Guatemala.

If you are interested in adding to our rich conversation about the anthropology of food and nutrition, please let us know! We would love to have more contributors.

Amy Trubek

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