Trumping the Farmers, Taxing the Junk Food, Regulating the Milk, and More: World Food Policy Roundup


By Kelly Alexander

In the US: Farmers voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016, and to thank them he addressed the American Farm Bureau Federation conference in Nashville. “Oh, are you happy you voted for me,” he said.” Watch Trump’s address (note the toned-down critique of NAFTA, which many farmers support); in the world: Should global food policy take inspiration from new “junk food taxes” in Hungary and Mexico? Researchers find that such taxes can positively affect habits;  in South Asia: A study of milk production in Nepal shows that compliance with global standards of food safety conflicts with labor and humanitarian practices in the developing world–so far intentions are good, but milk is still bad;  in Europe: an impassioned op-ed argues for Ireland to continue to be a player against worldwide malnutrition by prioritizing its foreign policy accordingly; mobilizing biopower for good or political opportunism? You decide.

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