Food Swamps, Homeopathy, Healthy Soil, and Airplane Food: A New U.S. Food Policy Roundup

Unknown-2By Kelly Alexander

Happy New Year and without further ado, here’s the state of U.S. food policy on this second day of 2018: Special United States Edition. In the news now: Small-scale family farms are in limbo as the Trump administration backs away from NAFTA negotiations; a groundbreaking new proposal in the California General Assembly would legalize the selling of home-cooked foods and meals as a way of empowering immigrant and minority community cooks; menu labeling is coming to all American-based airlines in May 2018, but until then you can learn more about who serves what in the friendly skies; Michael Jacobson, newly retired executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, opines extensively about the governmental interventions he believes are necessary for a healthier American diet; you know about “food deserts” but do you know about food swamps—they’re just as much a part of the obesity epidemic, according to a new study; in the coming year the FDA vows to “crack down” on homeopathic remedies in response to increasing consumer safety concerns; finally, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says healthy soil is important to healthy food and wants to revamp the wetland determination process (maybe by paying farmers).


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