Creative Tastebuds Symposium

Rethinking taste.

By confronting natural and human sciences this symposium raises new questions about taste. We invite the audience to wonder with us: How are the connections between culture and brain when it comes to taste? Natural sciences and humanities tend to work in disparate spheres to understand how we come to like certain foods and dislike others. We believe time has come to work more interdisciplinary and thereby develop new understandings of taste. The symposium will present viewpoints from leading individuals from both the arts and the sciences, and performers from the creative sector will explore and challenge these viewpoints by engaging in a in dialogue with scholars as well as orchestrating experiments with the audience.


The format will be a two-day symposium for scholars, chefs, food innovators, educators, designers, politicians, professionals from the cultural sector, researchers, food writers, food journalists, etc. Four consecutive sessions will be held at Aarhus Theater with a target audience of app. 300 people. Each session will be structured around three inputs on taste (with Paul Tyler ( as the overall mediator): A lecture by a representative from the natural sciences. A lecture by a representative from the human sciences. A creative performance/speak/tasting mediating the two positions. The presentations and discussions will be in English.

Dates: 4-5 September 2017

More information here…

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