New Interim Student Rep

Kelly Alexander
Duke University

Dear SAFN members: For the last three years, I have enjoyed the sense of community that Kelly Zuster Agnesleaps off the screen along with the scholarship on this blog. That’s why I’m pleased to introduce myself as the interim SAFN student rep. Qualifying me for this role are the years I spent as a food journalist (I was an editor at Food & Wine and Saveur, and have written about food for other consumer publications) and the three years I’ve spent as a doctoral student in Cultural Anthropology at Duke, where I study materiality and its entanglements with affect. My articles about food traditions and obsessions cover everything from a long-forgotten food writer who codified “American” cuisine to the significance of colorful Fiestaware plates for cooks in the South. My current research is on still-edible food waste in the EU; I work in the kitchen of an haute cuisine restaurant, in a soup kitchen, and in a food bank. In my new role for SAFN, I have three objectives:

– liaise with student members and give voice to their concerns
– coordinate student activities at the ASFS and AAA conferences.
– contribute to this blog and invite other students to do so

In the coming weeks you’ll hear even more from me about those objectives. For now, two requests:

If you’re a student: I’d love to encourage folks to submit proposals for AAA as soon as possible—this way our program committee can help place papers with panels.: If you have a paper, we’ll try to place you—I’m a pretty good matchmaker.

If you’re a senior scholar: Wouldn’t you like to invite a grad student to participate in your panel? Variety, youth, they’re both great additions. Please let us know so we can help pair you with just the right junior scholar.

For all: I’m here to explore the possibility of poster sessions and mentoring/networking events. If you’d like to see some of those, especially if you’d like to participate, please let me know soonest. Non-traditional sessions and events for our members would be most welcome.

Questions? Concerns? Email me, I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. A few random facts about myself: I live in Chapel Hill, NC, with my partner and young sons; things I like include dirty martinis, sour cherries, spicy Sichuan soft-shell crabs, M.F.K. Fisher, and Sidney Mintz.


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