What FoodAnthropology Is Reading Now, November 11, 2016

A brief digest of food and nutrition-related items that caught our attention recently. Got items you think we should include? Send links and brief descriptions to dberiss@gmail.com or hunterjo@gmail.com.

We are late this week, largely because of the shock wave produced by the U.S. elections. In fact, most of what we have this week relates to reactions to that election. During his campaign, Donald Trump did not speak much about food policy. But there are clues about what might be coming. Here are some links to articles that explore those clues, as well as the mood in the country in general.

First, over at Eater, Virginia Chamlee has written an analysis of the sorts of policies Trump may pursue on food policy related issues, like labor (and minimum wage), agriculture (and farm workers), farmers, food assistance, and other issues.

Not everything was presidential. Soda taxes were passed in a few places, which may turn out to be a good move for public health. Anna Lappé has written about that here.

And check this out: in a few places (Maine and Flagstaff, Arizona), tipped workers will no longer have to work for a lower minimum wage. Progress.

Nation’s Restaurant News provides a different perspective on the impact of Trump’s election on that industry here.

Like a lot of people, the folks at The Racist Sandwich Podcast are at least temporarily in shock this week. But you should nevertheless check out their web site and podcast, which may be of even greater interest than usual in coming months.

Sylvia Grove, who teaches at Susquehanna University, had her students write about US politics and Thanksgiving. Three of the op-eds produced by the students are available on The New Food Economy web site, here, here, and here. Enjoy.

Back in early October, the New York Times Magazine ran an issue devoted to food in which Michael Pollan reviewed the Obama administration’s food policies. You may want to read it in preparation for what is to come.

Food Tank, a food think tank, is holding a meeting in Chicago where a number of people will be discussing food policy. The event is sold out…but they will be live streaming it. Details here.

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