Eat it up!: SAFN at the 2010 AAA meeting in New Orleans

SAFN sessions at the American Anthropological Association meeting:

Wednesday, November 17

Food, Taste, and Identity. Noon to 1:45 PM

Crafting Senses: Circulating the Knowledge and Experience of Taste 4PM – 7:45 PM

Thursday, November 18

Food Activism 1 – Individual Practices: from the Home to the Public 10:15-12:00 PM

Human Consumption of ‘Afterbirth’ (Maternal Placentophagy): A ‘Natural’ and Beneficial Practice? (co-sponsored with BAS) 1:45-3:30 PM

Food Activism 2 – Consumer/Producer Movements as Political Movements 1:45- 5:30 PM

Friday, November 19

Inconvenient Circulation: Global and Local Dynamics of Food Production and Consumption 1:45-3:30 PM

SAFN business meeting 6-7:30 (just prior to the reception (with C&A and AE) 7:30-9:30) – Distinguished speaker Carole Counihan “Inside/Outside: Food in Anthropology”- Bayside C (4th Floor, Sheraton)

Saturday, November 20

AAA Task Force on World Food Crisis: New Developments 8:00- 9:45 AM.

Tastes, food choices, and knowledge: Society for the Anthropology of Nutrition Poster Session. 8:00- 9:45 AM

‘Circulating Discourses: Obesity, Body Size, Fatness, and Anthropological Debates about Methods, Ethics, and Representation in Obesity Research (co-sponsored with SMA)  1:45-3:30 PM

Sunday, November 21

Food access, food insecurity, and malnutrition: perceptions, causes, and consequences 8:00 -9:45 AM


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