CFP AAA/CASCA: Alternative Food Movements & Threat of Cooption

Scholars working in various communities that are advocating in favor of alternatives to the mainstream food system encounter groups with various ways that they frame their alternatives. We are building a panel for the AAA/CASCA 2023 meeting to examine how these various formations are potentially susceptible to cooption by the industrialized capitalist food system. These could include local food, sustainable agriculture, permaculture, decolonizing food systems, and other alternative food movements. We need two additional papers to join a panel featuring papers on the agroecology movement in Puerto Rico (Ryan Adams, Lycoming College), native-led decolonizing culinary organizations in Minnesota (Asheley Mcleod, University of Connecticut), and urban agriculture in Los Angeles, CA (Natalie Marshall, UCLA). If interested, please send a brief summary of your topic to

The deadline to begin a panel is this Wednesday, March 22, so the sooner the better.

Thank you,


Ryan Adams
Associate Professor
Lycoming College, Anthropology Department
Williamsport PA

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