Now is the time to join SAFN

Now is the time to join SAFN

In light of the 2020 pandemic, we have reduced our membership fees significantly for 2021:

  • Student membership is FREE 
  • Regular membership half off, only $15. 

Check out our newly-designed website at

Why Join SAFN?

SAFN is made up of individuals who work on a wide range of topics related to food and nutrition. SAFN is a unit of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), which is the largest professional organization of anthropologists in the world. You don’t have to be an anthropologist to join SAFN, but you must first join AAA and the membership fees are based on a sliding scale, starting at $35. To join AAA go to: After you fill out the new member form, you will get to a list of AAA units (sections); Scroll down to Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition and add that section to your membership.

Among the benefits of SAFN membership are:

  •  Access to the teaching resources on the website
  • Access to the network of members and opportunities to make professional connections with others interested in food, nutrition, and anthropology
  • Access to the SAFN listserv, which puts you in contact with the collective knowledge and wisdom of our members (once you join, the AAA will automatically add you to the listserv)
  • Opportunity to publish on and Anthropology News (readership ~25k)
  • Opportunities to participate in SAFN activities at the AAA meetings (which include tasty food and drink!)
  • Access to any SAFN-sponsored publications
  • Discounted registration for the annual AAA meetings for AAA members
  • Many other benefits of AAA membership (see the AAA Website for more information)

If you haven’t experienced financial difficulty in 2020, we encourage you to sign up as a legacy member for $60 and to donate to our campaign to support student awards (see below).

SAFN has three current student awards: 

The Thomas Marchione Food-as-a-Human-Right Student Awardfor research and writing that engages with food security and food sovereignty issues.

The Christine Wilson Awardfor undergraduate and graduate student research papers that examine topics within the perspectives of nutrition, food studies and anthropology.

The Student Research Awardto support the research phase of an original project focused on food and nutritional anthropology. This award privileges decolonized, ethical research on food justice and food sovereignty.

We are raising money for a New Award: Future of Food Anthropology Internship 

Building on our Statement on Racial Injustice (,

SAFN is developing a “Future of Food Anthropology Internship” for junior scholars of color. Our aim is to support their career development while also building a more inclusive anthropology of food and nutrition. This internship will provide a strong foundation for building academic networks and products through mentorship and participation in SAFN leadership. Internships will be tailored to the career objectives of recipients, but could include:

  • Personalized mentorship 
  • Participating in the SAFN Program Committee
  • Curating a series for the SAFN FoodAnthro blog posts
  • Interviewing established Food Anthropologists

In 2021, SAFN is launching a fundraising campaign to support this internship. We have the initial goal of $1000 to fund an inaugural cohort of two Future of Food Anthropology Interns in 2022. Our long-term goal is to raise $10,000 to sustain this internship over the long term. Specific criteria for applicants are in development.

Donate Here:

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