Free fireside chat with Benjamin Lorr, author of “The Secret Life of Groceries”

Grocery store in California, photo by Wendy Yared

Join food anthropologist Wendy Yared from on February 1st at 7pm Eastern for a free, online chat with Benjamin Lorr about his latest book and the future of food and groceries in the era of COVID. This conversation will be of interest to anyone curious about the arduous journey our food takes to get to the grocery store. 

Sign up to watch via Eventbrite.

 In “The Secret Life of Groceries,” Benjamin takes readers on a journey through the food supply chain to uncover practices that the food industry would prefer to keep under wraps. He gained access and a deep understanding of complex, unjust, and ultimately, unsavory systems through extensive participant-observation research, going undercover to work at Whole Foods, and recurring interviews with industry professionals often spanning several years.

We’ll hear about his adventures researching and writing this book and the ethical conclusions he made about the food system as a whole. We’ll also talk about the current state of the food supply chain and how COVID-19 is transforming it in surprising ways. Click here to sign up!

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