What FoodAnthropology Is Reading Now, March 14 2017

Jo Hunter-Adams

A brief digest of food and nutrition-related items that caught our attention recently. Got items you think we should include? Send links and brief descriptions to dberiss@gmail.com or hunterjo@gmail.com.

As paleo diets don’t seem to be going away, this recent Atlantic article about research on Neanderthal diets was interesting. Based on dental plaques, the paleo diet seems to be: eating whatever was available. You can also check out this article from The Salt on the findings. Vegetarian paleo diet. Interesting stuff.

It’s also a great counterpoint for the next couple of articles: where scientists try to hack alternatives to sugar (all the good stuff, none of the bad?), our villain-du-jour. Here, the question seems to be: how do make things healthy without actually changing anything? The world of neurogastronomy has a slightly different premise in this article. That is, how do we change our cravings so fundamentally that people don’t want sugar at all? Over at Statnews, they follow the FDA process of trying to figure out who gets to claim “healthy” as their thing.

On the subject of improving our diet by complex trickery, the Salt also had this article about not trying to trick our kids into eating their veggies. Bee Wilson has a new book out about taste, check out this interview to get a sense of the book.

I found this article on recreational use of cough syrup fascinating, as the market is relatively small, but the product seems almost designed for recreational (rather than medicinal) use.

Lastly, Brexit is bringing really significant changes for food and farmers in Britain and beyond. This excellent blog about it helped me understand the ways that the Brexit motivation of trying to remove regulation, will, as far as we can tell, increase the bureaucratic burden for farmers in the UK.

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