What FoodAnthro is Reading Now, November 21, 2016

A brief digest of food and nutrition-related items that caught our attention recently. Got items you think we should include? Send links and brief descriptions to dberiss@gmail.com or hunterjo@gmail.com.

If you don’t already read NPR’s The Salt, it’s a wonderful rabbit hole of food stories. This week, there are several stories worth checking out:  baking as post-election therapy

Turns out, muffin making as a meditative practice is a reliable source of comfort and hope.

Then NPR had a story about climate change and farming in Greenland:

“The seasons here have been very difficult lately,” says Hansen. The average animal in his flock in the summer of 2015 was 2 to 4 pounds lighter than normal. Hot summers over the past decade have cost him thousands of dollars in losses, he says.

And lastly from NPR, the price of Thanksgiving dinner in the U.S. has dropped (wait, what?!).

My shock at stable U.S. prices is because here in South Africa, in year 2 of a devastating drought here in South Africa, food prices have increased rapidly. Here in Cape Town it’s worthy following a fight to preserve our main vegetable-supplying area outside of Cape Town from being developed.

On a completely different note, how is this for a whimsical restaurant review?

Over at Slate there was this article the contrasts between foodie culture and what people actually seem to be cooking— if you have time check out the comments section, we found them as interesting as the article!

And finally, important news from the UK. If you eat Toblerone’s in the U.S., don’t worry… you may be ok.

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