What FoodAnthropology Is Reading Now: March 14 Edition

March 14, 2016: Hi FoodAnthro readers, we have quite a collection of stories for you this week. As always, if you’d like to submit a story for the  round up you can email it to: LaurenRMoore@uky.edu.

First, there has been ongoing controversy at Iowa State University following the collection of over 57,000 student signatures in December 2015–and handed to university administrators in February 2016–expressing concern over research involving genetically modified bananas. The research involved a feeding study in which university undergraduates ate the modified bananas, and subsequent support for the researcher from university administrators. The contest can be followed here:

Genetically Modified Bananas Spark Controversy

When a Banana is Much More than a Banana

Letter: ISU Dean Supports Researcher

CivilEats posted a great food news round up of their own, which I won’t replicate here but instead will direct you to–it includes data on tax contributions of undocumented immigrants in the United States, the resignation of the FDA’s top administrator, antibiotic-free meat at In-and-Out, and a story about Americans’ processed food consumption: All the News That’s Fit to Eat

NPR featured a story about ugly produce coming to a Whole Foods near you: From Ugly to Hip: Misfit Fruits and Vegetables Coming to a Whole Foods Near You

The Secret Ingredient podcast, this time focusing on the future of food via SXSW. Soylent (which “embodies the spirit of SXSW”), what might happen to real food, etc. Provocative, of course:http://thesecretingredient.org/tsi-live/
A short summary of a study of the impact of climate change on African diets: African Diet, Jobs Will Be Hit Hard by Climate Change
What should we think about racism in farming? How can we address the lack of African American farmers? Activist Farmers Are Telling Corporate Food Industry That Black Lives Matter
Finally, learning from kitchen labor. Short, but cute: Some Of Life’s Best Lessons Can Be Found In ‘Lousy’ Kitchen Jobs

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