Join us!

Now’s the time!

Many of you will probably soon be renewing your AAA memberships (the Annual Meeting paper deadline is April 1). When you do, we ask you to also renew your membership with SAFN– or join us if you’re not already a member.

We’re a great community with wide-ranging interests in food, nutrition, health, agriculture, and other related topics (we’ve also been known to feed our members really well after business meetings). By signing up as a SAFN member you’ll be able to:

  • Access the valuable teaching resources on our website.
  • Make connections to a dynamic community of scholars interested in anthropological understandings of food and nutrition.
  • Participate as a voting member in our meetings.
  • Access SAFN-sponsored publications.

This year SAFN membership can also be used to enroll in the ASFS/AFHVS conference (the early enrollment deadline for this conference is May 15).

Please join us!

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