Food and Anthropology, the blog you have been waiting for!

Welcome to the blog of the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition.

Someday this blog will be seen as one of the first steps in establishing SAFN as the place people go when they ask, “what would an anthropologist think about food?”  If you have not asked that question yet, then you should.  Read here to find out why.  Right now there is really only one other place you can go for that kind of information and it is also part of the growing SAFN intellectual empire:  That is the SAFN home page, of course.  If you go there, you can join in with hundreds of others who are discussing food, nutrition and anthropology right now.  Also, there are some nice pictures and some really useful information on the SAFN bulletin board.  If you join SAFN, you can get access to even more stuff, such as our brilliant syllabi set.

There are a lot of blogs about food out there.  There are some really good anthropology blogs too.  We think there is room—even a need—for a blog the brings anthropological insights to the discussion of food and nutrition around our planet.  The members of SAFN have been studying all aspects of food and nutrition for decades.  From biology to culture, we’ve probably got it covered.  Many of our members write scholarly books and articles.  If you are not a scholar of some sort, you probably don’t read those books and articles.  But don’t fret: we’ll bring you the insights of those authors here, in terms and style that will make you want to keep on reading. Through your comments and participation in the SAFN bulletin board, we hope this blog will become the starting point for many lively debates.  If you are a scholar, you’ll find the open discussion of concepts, issues and ideas here inspiring and refreshing.  We promise.

Our hope is that members of SAFN will feel welcome to submit blog posts here (send them to about the food and nutrition issues of the day, or about really interesting aspects of their own research.  Entries should be limited to 500 words and should be written in a relaxed style.  They should be completely original.  The only bibliographic references we want are those that will be useful to the readers of the blog—links to other sites on the web are especially useful.  Of course, provide references where necessary to avoid plagiarism.  See the contributor page of the blog for more details.

This is going to be a lively blog.  Subscribe to out RSS feed and make it part of the list of blogs you scan regularly.  We are pretty certain that you will find it worthwhile.

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