SAFN at the 2011 AAA Meetings, Montreal

Our annual business meeting and Distinguished Lecture will take place Saturday, November 19, from 6:15 to 8:00 pm in room 510C in the Montreal Convention Center. Continuing our tradition of honoring an anthropologist whose research has enhanced our understanding of food and nutrition, the Distinguished Lecture this year will be given by nutritional anthropologist Dr. Darna Dufour. The title of Dr Dufour’s talk is “Anthropological Perspectives on the Nutrition Transition” – it should be great!

SAFN is sponsoring or co-sponsoring the following sessions this year:

  • Breaking Bread with the State: Exploring Food, Diet, Economy, Politics, Identity and Citizenship (3-0865)
  • Changing Contexts and Responses to Food Insecurity (4-0935)
  • Feeding and Food among Babies, Children, and Adolescents (5-0135)
  • Before the Baby Comes: Dietary Provisioning During Pregnancy (5-0725)
  • The Working Animal Body: Recovering and Suppressing Visceral Traces (5-0990)
  • Taste the Difference: Food Futures and the Politics of Eating (and Writing) Food (6-0120)
  • Anthropology of Wine: Ethnography from the Vineyard to the Glass (6-0570)
  • Food and Identity: Are We What We Eat? (6-0575).

We have two invited sessions:

  • Traces of Resilience: Food Security and Wellbeing over the Life Course (5-0430; Saturday, November 19)
  • Ethnographic Approaches to Food Activism: Agency, Democracy, and Economy (5-0805; Saturday, November 19)

There will also be a panel discussion on the “Immense New Challenges to the Future of Food: Reports from the AAA Task Force on World Food Problems,” led by Sol Katz (2-0590).

Please check the AAA website: ( or meeting guide for up to date information on the times and locations of these sessions. As always, check out our blog: and feel free to send us blog contributions. We love to highlight members’ work, ideas, thoughts, etc.

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